Complete Detail About Hellstar Capsules Collection From 1 to 10

Detail About Hellstar Capsules Collection From 1 to 10

Hellstar Records has carved a unique niche in the streetwear world with its series of limited-edition capsule collections. Each capsule has a curated selection of apparel and accessories. All are designed with Hellstar’s signature mixture of quality materials, bold graphics, and a premier feel.

Hellstar Capsules Collection

Let’s take a trip down remembering lane and explore the evolution of Hellstar through its capsule releases:

Hellstar Capsule 1

In August 2020, the first Hellstar capsule collection was launched. It was laying the groundwork for the brand’s aesthetic. It offered a core range of tees, hoodies, and long sleeves in classic black and white alongside hats.

White Hellstar T-Shirt

Hellstar Capsule 2

Building on the brand’s foundation, Capsule 2 arrived in October 2020. This capsule likely featured the popular “Hellstar Dennis Rodman Shirt” alongside a classic Hellstar t-shirt design.

Hellstar Capsule 3

By December 2020, Hellstar offered a more streamlined capsule featuring black and white tees and hoodies.

Hellstar Capsule 4

A shift towards activewear emerged in Capsule 4 (May 2021). This collection introduced the “Hellstar Blue Yoga Hoodie” and a matching yoga pant set, alongside graphic tees and a co-branded Hellstar x New Era fitted cap.

Hellstar Capsule 5

Playful graphics took center stage in Capsule 5 (September 2021). This collection included the “Hellstar Studios Smile Planet Tees” and a “UV Activated Wings Of Fire Tee” alongside summer love hoodies and a black Dennis Rodman shirt.

Hellstar Capsule 6

Capsule 6 (January 2022) offered a more limited release featuring the “Hellstar Studios Angel Born From Fire Tee.”

Hellstar Capsule 7

Spring arrived with Capsule 7 in April 2022. This collection saw a return to graphic tees and hoodies, featuring the “Green Hellstar Path To Paradise” theme across various garments, alongside camo cargo shorts and a light blue t-shirt option.

Hellstar Capsule 8

Capsule 8 (July 2022) kept the details under wraps, simply offering a teaser of “Hellstar Capsule 8 T-shirts”.

Hellstar Capsule 9

Capsule 9 (October 2022) brought bold colors and a focus on Hellstar Records. This collection included red Hellstar hoodies and sweatpants, alongside co-branded tees and sweatshirts with Hellstar Records.

Hellstar Capsule 10

The legendary Capsule 10 arrived in June 2023, solidifying Hellstar’s reputation in the streetwear world. This extensive collection offered a wide range of graphic tees, hoodies, sweatpants, and accessories, all crafted with premium materials and featuring the brand’s signature edgy aesthetic. Selling out within seconds, Capsule 10 cemented Hellstar’s position as a leading streetwear brand.

In Conclusion

From its initial black and white tees to the extensive graphic offerings of Capsule 10, Hellstar’s capsule collection journey showcases a brand constantly innovating and evolving. Each capsule release added a new chapter to the Hellstar story, building anticipation and solidifying their place in the streetwear world.

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