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Hey, are you looking for attire that reflects your rebellious spirit? Look no further than Hellstar Clothing. Life throws shade, but you don’t have to blend in.

Our tees are your rebellion in clothing, designed to make a statement no matter what. In 2019, Sean Holland launched the Hellstar clothing line. Ready to unleash your inner rebel?

Buy our exclusive t-shirt collection today and discover the best piece to express your style!

Types of Hellstar Shirts

Here at Hellstar, we don’t offer your basic t-shirt. We’ve got a range of options for you:

Hellstar T-Shirts:

These are the classic Hellstar statement pieces. These materials provide you with a balanced combination of comfort and durability. Our shirts are not only comfortable but come with eye-catching graphics. So Hellstar style and comfort go hand in hand.

Hellstar Long Sleeves:

So, what happens when the temperature dips? Don’t worry; your Hellstar long sleeves will keep the rebellion going. Like t-shirts, we use comfortable materials and feature eye-catching designs. The long sleeves often come in crew neck or henley styles. Our long sleeves offer options for layering or wearing on their own.

Hellstar Sweatshirts:

Do you want some serious attitude on the coldest days? Hellstar sweatshirts are for you. These shirts use cozy cotton-nylon blended material, giving you complete comfort. And if we talk about graphics, these are dazzling with a heel TSR logo, a fiery star, and other bold designs.

Hellstar pants and Hellstar Tracksuits are also available for those who want to extend the rebellion to their entire outfit.

Hellstar for Women offers a range of clothing options, including Hellstar shortsHellstar jackets, and Hellstar accessories.

Why Choose Hellstar Shirts?

Here’s what makes our shirts stand out:

Fierce Designs:

Tired of those dull prints? Be at ease. We have come up with thrilling graphics for bold looks. Our shirts boast bold logos, fiery stars, or skeletons throwing a peace sign. These designs reflect this clothing line’s idea to maintain courage in the hard times of life. So, stand out from the crowd with these unique imprints.

Looking good shouldn’t feel like torture, right? That’s why we use high-quality materials at Hellstar. We manufacture these shirts from soft, breathable cotton or poly-blends.

More Than a Shirt:

Hellstar is a Group of fans that doesn’t shy away from expressing themselves. Owning a Hellstar tees is like joining a club for those who embrace individuality. It’s a way to connect with others who share your rebellious spirit.

How to Style Hellstar T-Shirts?

We’ve got you covered with outfit inspiration:

  • Streetwear Swagger: Layer your Hellstar tee under a black oversized denim jacket. Throw on some cargo pants, a tank top, and chunky white trainers to complete the look. This is perfect for a day out with friends.

  • Concert Ready: Wrap your Hellstar long sleeves around your body and tuck them into a high-waisted black vinyl skirt. Add fishnet tights and chunky black boots, and layer on some silver statement jewelry.

Famous Hellstar T-Shirts

Red Jesus Emblem Shirt

Red Hellstar Studios Jesus Emblem Short Sleeve Tee

Are you Looking for a conversation starter? This Red Hellstar T-shirt is the answer! It comes with a Jesus emblem print that’s not only cool but stylish. Since it’s made using high-quality cotton & Fleece. Trust us; you’ll be feeling confident and rocking the latest trends.

Blue Neuron Tour Tee

Light Blue Hellstar Neuron Tour T-Shirt

This blue Hellstar tee is like a limited-edition masterpiece for your wardrobe! It’s got a unique vintage wash for that lived-in look. This shirt is the show’s real star, as it comes with the giant Neuron graphic splashed across the front and back.

Pink Hellstar Brainwashed Shirt

Pink Hellstar Brainwashed World Tour Tee

The vibrant pink color of this shirt sets it apart from others. It comes with a giant Brainwashed graphic on the front and back. We use super-soft, custom cotton to make this pink Hellstar tee.

Black Hellstart Classic T-Shirt

Black Hellstar Classic T-Shirt

Enjoy the classic vibes of Hellstart with its classic black t-shirt. This tee has a bold Hellstar graphic with a shouting star on it. So, Hellstar is about more than stunning graphics.

Red/White Hellstar Tee

White Hellstar Studios Long Sleeves Tee

Grab this Hellstar Records long-sleeve tee if you want a bold look! This white shirt features a striking red Hellstar logo with a shooting star on the chest and sleeves.


  • How much do Hellstar Shirts cost?

  • Hellstar tees are special items, typically priced between $120 and $350.

  • How do you wash and care for Hellstar shirts? To save your shirt’s colors and graphics, try washing it with cold water inside out.

  • How do Hellstar shirts fit? Hellstar tees have a relaxed, boxy shape that’s not too tight. You can order you’re true to size for a comfortable fit.

  • Are Hellstar shirts true to size? Hellstar tees run true to size, so you can order your usual size for a comfortable fit.


In short, Hellstar shirts are for those who want to rock a confident, unique look. They’re crafted from high-quality materials and designed with comfort and durability.

If you crave clothing that lets you break the mold and turn heads, Hellstar t-shirts are perfect. Shop your favorite Hellstar T-shirts now and unleash your inner rockstar. Rock on!